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PJF Fabrication, Inc. is a leader in the mud tank system fabrication and testing of products used in all facets of the energy industries. With over 25 years of experience, we at PJF Fabrication, Inc. take pride in making sure our customers are satisfied with the high quality of our workmanship, use of quality materials and time efficiency to meet priority deadlines.


We offer a full range of fabrication and assembly skill for:

Structural Steel Metal Fabrication

Platforms for Oil Rigs

Precision Machined Metal

Process Skid Systems for Petrol Chemical

Single Fluid Heating and Cooling Systems

Custom Designs



We have 10 acres of land dedicated to any form of fabrication that our customers desire.

Building A: 50'x200' with 3 10-ton cranes

Building B: 65'x250' with 1 15 ton crane and 2 10-ton cranes

Press Brake * Sheer * Plasma Cutter

Iron Worker  * Lathe * Pipe Threader

Drill Press * Band Saw

We are proud to be ASME Certified!

Developing and revising ASME codes and standards occurs year-round. More than 4,700 dedicated volunteers — engineers, scientists, government officials, and others — contribute their technical expertise to protect public safety, while reflecting best practices of industry. The results of their efforts are being used in over 100 nations; thus setting the standard for code-development worldwide.

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